Google Analytics is just one of the 17 modules that you will
learn in advanced digital marketing training program

What it is?

Web analytics is one of the key aspects of digital marketing. It helps you to understand where visitors are coming from to your website (traffic source), their behavior, and webpages performance but, it also helps to track and measure return on investment of marketing campaigns resulting in more leads, high sales conversion and increased brand awareness.

In GA training @ DSIM, you will learn how data from web analytics can be used for marketing campaigns, conversion tools, segmentations, which, in turn can quadruple sales.

What is

Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is the process of increasing the visibility of your web-pages on search engines like google for targeted search queries(keywords)


Google Analytics training process is quite exhaustive, keeping in mind the extensive hands-on practical exposure of the training program


Google Analytics has a spot dedicated to your website in it’s top tier listing and can easily be the boost that you need to see your sales go through the roof!

Google Analytics

Training Process

Step 1

Understanding overview & advantages

Step 2

Setup web analytics account

Step 3

Add tracking code in website

Step 4

Getting familier with key terms
of Google Analytics

Step 5

What is digital marketing
- in detail

Step 6

Reviewing statistics and taking
corrective actions, if required

After Learning Google Analytics

You will be capable to





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